Six Simple Strategies to Improve English Vocabulary for International Students  

Welcome to this edition of our Q School blog! So, you are an international student who wants to improve their English outside the classroom? That is great! Improving your vocabulary improves your conversational skills but also improves your overall confidence in conversational settings. Here are some fun and effective activities.   1. Daily Reading  This activity […]

Five Successful Strategies to Effectively Learn Business English

Five Successful Strategies to Effectively Learn Business EnglishWelcome to all the aspiring professionals and students out there! Whether you’re planning to expand your career or start your business in an English-speaking country, mastering Business English is essential. At Q School International San Diego, we understand the challenges ESL (English as a Second Language) students face. […]

Innovative ESL Teaching Strategies – Gamification 

English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction has evolved significantly over the years. Traditional teaching methods, focused on rote learning methods and grammar drills, are gradually transitioning towards innovative and dynamic approaches. Student engagement is particularly important in teaching English as a second language. Engaged students are more motivated to learn. As a result, motivation […]

Online Classes Extension

Dear Students, Alumni and Friends, Some of you might have followed the news and known that our president has extended the stay-at-home order. After careful consideration, and based on guidance from the State of California, the California Department of Education, and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), we will be closing our school and […]

J-1 Visa Explained

Introduction Millions of people enter and leave the United States every year. Being the third largest country with a population of over 300 Million, the country has a lot to offer. Whether you just want to explore the land, do business or plan to move there forever, you will need a visa. The U.S. Citizenship […]