Homestay Partnership

Become a Host Family.

Host families play a critical role in making the world a kinder and smaller place. By hosting an international student, host families promote a positive image of America, expand their family’s worldview and cultivate international friendships. 

Volunteer host families are anything but ordinary. They come from all over the United States and represent the depth and diversity of American culture.

What are the benefits of hosting?

International students have a profound impact on their host families, enriching their day-to-day life by exposing their family to new cultures, languages, and perspectives.​

Host families impact international students by encouraging international goodwill, understanding, and closing the barriers between different worlds at home, in local schools and the larger San Diego community.

Some of the rewards of becoming a host family are:

  • ​Ongoing support and guidance from our Homestay Partner IEM throughout your hosting experience
  • Rich exposure to another culture in your own home
  • An opportunity for your family to learn and/or practice a new language
  • Inclusion in yearly ceremonies and activities
  • A deep, rewarding connection with your student that will grow with your family and last a lifetime
  • A reliable monthly compensation for at least an academic year, as long as you host a student
Before we match a host family with a student, we first conduct an online meeting with the student and their parents.

We then carefully select a host family for the student to ensure that it is a good fit.

Homestay Support:

International Education Management (IEM) test or call emergency line.

Support available with our Student Services line (Call or Text).

Carpooling within IEM families and partnered school families.

Conduct home visits twice a school year.

Attend school events and student events.

Offer emergency transportation options.

Maintain close relationships with families.

Friendly, caring, and committed staff.