About Us

Our Mission & Goals...

“Q International School is an innovative, student-centered organization dedicated to inspiring students to achieve academic excellence while providing an appreciation of cultural diversity and a foundation for personal growth.”​

Small Class Size.

There are average of 8 students in each class so you can get a lot of personal attention from your teachers and opportunities to speak English.


Cultural Exchange.

Provide students with the cultural knowledge and awareness necessary to transition from life and study in their own countries to the U.S.

VIP Student Support.

Our teachers and staff will treat you like family. And we are here to help you in any way. You will never have anything to worry about.


Communicative Approach.

Adhere to the highest standards of English language instruction by attracting and developing talented and experienced faculty and using the latest education technology.

English Immersion.

Extend English immersion and personal growth through cultural excursions, volunteer opportunities, and a wide range of student activities.

VIP Student Community College Pathway.

Completion of the advanced level in Q International School’s Fundamental English and Academic English programs fulfill the language entry requirements for our partner community colleges.

Our State of the Art Facility