Q School San Diego & Utah Tech University Partnership: A Great Opportunity for International Students

In an exciting move, Q International School in San Diego has proudly announced a partnership with Utah Tech University which is creating a smoother path for international students in the United States. This partnership aims to reduce barriers and provide significantly more opportunities for international students pursuing higher education.

During a time where international collaboration is a key component towards pushing boundaries and achieving holistic growth, both Q School and Utah Tech University have taken a major step towards simplifying the journey for international students. This new partnership is an incredible achievement for both institutions, but most importantly offers many promising opportunities for students.

Q International School

Q International School is an innovative, student-centered English school based in San Diego. Q School uses a levelling system in its holistic approach to education, the levels of the test preparation course enable students to progress across various stages. The completion of level 110 (C1) is a particularly important achievement of proficiency as well as opening incredible opportunities- particularly with this new partnership.


One significant challenge international student during the University application process is the requirement of the IELTS/TOEL English proficiency tests. These tests can be an additional form of stress for students and can cause inconvenience due to their cost, availability, and the stress in exam preparation.
Thanks to the new partnership between Q International School and Utah Tech University, students who graduate from level 110 (mid advanced) are no longer required to do the test for university admission. The removal of this requirement indicates the high standard of education provided by Q School and reduces the stress of the University application process.

Why Utah Tech University?

Utah Tech University is an incredible University and offers a variety of different courses throughout different fields, here are some of the reasons why it is an excellent choice for students:

  • Diverse Course Programs: Utah Tech has a variety of different programs, catering to different academic interests and goals. Courses are offered in the fields of: Arts, Design, Business, Humanities and Science.
  • Affordable Tuition: Studying at Universities can be particularly expensive, especially for international students. Utah Tech presents ineffective tuition fees which are significantly below the national average.
  • Scholarships for International Students: A unique feature of Utah Tech University is it provides 2 scholarships that are designed specifically for international students. This highlights the university’s commitment to international students and its dedication towards fostering a diverse student body.
  • A State of the Art Campus: Outside of academics, Utah Tech has an amazing 117-acre campus surrounded by natural beauty along with comprehensive student services and facilities. This provides a holistic education experience in accordance with modern education demands.

For more information about what Utah Tech University offers, please visit Utah Tech University.

Why is This Important?

Language barriers pose an additional hurdle for international students wanting to pursue higher education in the US. The IELTS and TOEFL requirement provides an additional hurdle, despite proficiency in English. This partnership between Q School and Utah Tech University aims to reduce these difficulties. Complete level 110 of the Q School test preparation program, and gain admission to Utah Tech University without any additional language tests. Your future is just around the corner at Q School.