Great Bubble Tea in San Diego

Do you like bubble tea?

If a human body is made of water, I will say that 70% of my body is made of bubble tea.

Nothing is better than drinking a cup of tasty bubble tea in a foreign country, which reminds me of home!

I am so so happy there are plenty of bubble tea shops in San Diego!

Bubble tea originally comes from Taiwan and prevails among Asian people. But not every recipe maintains the same original flavor discovered in Taiwan. I have visited several shops, most of which are located in among Asian shopping area. What I usually order is milk tea, a classic bubble tea flavor, which is a menu item that they all had in common.

Now I want to share my tasting experience about those bubble tea brands!

85C Bakery Cafe

It is an international chain bakery and cafe that sells several types of popular and classic tea and milk-based drinks.

Although it does not have a ton of bubble tea options, it is my favorite shop. The milk tea there has a nutty flavor and not as sweet as others. The proportion of milk to tea is just so right, neither too milky nor too heavy tea flavor!The boba are also firm and chewy. I really love it, which is the best milk tea I have tried in San Diego!

Besides, sea salt tea, which is made of fresh Taiwanese tea with creamy milk on top, is their popular signature drinks!

DaYung’s tea

I would highly recommend fruit tea, which is its main product.

Fresh fruits such as orange, grapefruit, lemon and kiwi sourced from local market are added into a large cup of pure Taiwanese tea, making it looks colorful and attractive. The subtle taste feels like rich in vitamins!However, the milk tea tastes bland and boba are a bit mushy.

Ding tea

This is the shop that my friends recommend me.

Ding Tea mainly focuses on various tea: milk tea, fruit tea, flavoured tea and fresh milk tea. Hokkaido Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea are their best sellers.

For classic boba milk tea, it has a very light flavor. At the very first taste, I thought they added too much water making it bland. But then I found it was actually good after I adapted to that flavor.

Kung Fu tea

It is very popular around northern America and successfully attracts a great amount of non-asian people when it opens.

The black tea is floral in flavorand they put honey instead of brown sugar into boba, which gives a special taste. It definitely would be on my list for a return engagement.

Share tea

It has a lot of branches all over the world, but each seems to have different tasting. I have tried Sharetea in Melbourne which tastes great, while I am quite disappointed with the one in San Diego because its milk teahas a much strong tea flavor and a little bitter.

Written by Meilin Li, ESL student