What do I Pack for my Trip to San Diego?

So, this is it; you’ve decided to study English in the US, and you picked San Diego as your destination. You applied to study at Q International School, and got accepted. It’s all really happening now! You have your passport in hand, and your visa ready. Now there’s only one step left; packing your bags. For some people, packing can be the most stressful part of traveling, because you never know what can happen with the weather. Packing for San Diego, however, is a far cry from packing to go anywhere else! This is because the weather is pretty much the same all year, so you don’t need many different kinds of clothes. This makes packing a piece of cake!

It’s usually about 70-80 degrees (Fahrenheit) during the day. Even in the colder months, like December to March, it only gets down to 60-65 degrees. At night it can be a little colder, so you will need a jacket, and a sweater or a hoodie. It’s sunny nearly every day, so you definitely want to pack sunglasses, and a hat. You definitely can’t forget your bathing suit for the beach! San Diego has many beaches, such as Coronado Island, La Jolla Cove, Mission Bay, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, and Fiesta Island. We will have a blog post coming up that will tell you all about the many beaches in San Diego so that you can explore them!

Unlike most places, it only rains once in a blue moon in San Diego, so you can pack a light rain jacket if you want, or just buy an umbrella when you arrive. Unless you’re a couch potato, you will need some athletic clothing so that you can go hiking, play tennis, volleyball, and more. People in San Diego are very active! You should also bring a book and headphones for days when you just want to chill. Now you just need to pack your toiletries, such as shampoo, deodorant, soap, your toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Now that you know what you need, get packing! Are you pumped for your trip to San Diego?

Buzzwords, Vocabulary Words, and Idioms:

This is it: the expected event is about to happen

A far cry from: very different from

Pretty much: very nearly

A piece of cake: something that is very easy to do

Hoodie: hooded sweatshirt

Once in a blue moon: happens very rarely, doesn’t happen often

Couch Potato: a lazy person who doesn’t like to exercise a lot and likes to lie on the couch/bed

Chill: relax

Toiletries: things used to wash and take care of your body, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.

Pumped: to be really excited about something